Disability pride month infographic text

Hello! Here is the accompanying text to the post found here, on instagram. This page is for people who use screen readers, cannot discern white on blue text, or for any other reason cannot read text on an instagram post.

Image description: All text is white on a navy blue background.

The first slide reads ‘Disability Pride Month – July is disability pride month. Here’s what it’s like to be disabled in the UK.

The second slide reads: 1) 17,000 Disabled People have died waiting for disability benefits in 5 years. 9 Disabled lives are lost a day. 2) 5.5 million disabled people and their families live below the poverty line. An increase of 1.2 million since 2018.

The third slide reads: 3) Disability benefits have not adjusted with inflation since 2015. The ‘charitable’ Christmas Bonus to help with presents and other associated costs is just £10. Most people don’t get the full amount

The fourth slide reads: 4) Disabled people cannot get married in the UK. If we do, our partner’s earnings are taken into account and we lose our disability benefits. The government wants to extend this to long-term live in partners, too.

The fifth slide reads: 5) The United Nations condemned the UK Government in 2018, stating “There is reliable evidence that the threshold of grave or systemic violations of the rights of disabled people has been met in the state party.”

The sixth slide reads: 6) A report considering 2010-2017 found disabled people are “disproportionately affected by the Conservative Government’s austerity measures.”

The seventh slide reads: 7) It costs Disabled people £570 more to live than able bodied people, but have a 13.6% paygap compared to able-bodied counterparts in the same roles. 8) Disabled people have an employment rate 28.6% lower than able bodied people

The eighth slide reads: 9) Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) are the least fraudulently claimed benefits, but are the most harshly investigated and most strictly sanctioned.

The final slide shows a green and white official Glasgow council banner on the side of a wrought iron fence. The banner reads ‘Keep Queen’s Park Alcohol and Tory free’. The word ‘Tory’ has been stuck on the banner, covering a word underneath. The wording on this sticker matches the font used on the banner and the green colour underneath. It was clearly added by activists to subvert the messaging on the banner.

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