Emily May Armstrong is a scientist, videographer, and independent access consultant.

I moved from Essex to Glasgow in 2015 to pursue a Masters by Research at the University of Glasgow, specialising in epigenetic regulation of root system architecture.

Staying in Glasgow, I began a fully-funded PhD at the University of Glasgow, investigating epigenetic regulation of tissue-specific gene expression.

During my PhD, I was progressively drawn to communication and outreach, specialising in science publishing with theGIST and social media with the Institute of Molecular, Cell, and Systems Biology.

I am keenly interested in presenting science in an objective, enjoyable, and informative way for the media and general public. I have written about diverse topics, from food security to the rise of Instagram ‘cleanfluencers’ and how this changes our immune system.  I have experience of press-releases, embargoes and article turnaround in under 2 hours.

I have written for many different publications, for both academic and public audiences, and hope to pursue journalism full-time, post doctorally.

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