Here’s a date-ordered list of selected examples of my writing, outreach work, videography, and science communication – any questions, just let me know!


Assistant Features Editor and Social Media Specialist for scientific journal Plant, Cell, Environment

I got my PhD! After 5 years of research in Glasgow – I’m finally a doctor of plants.

The Lovely Heidi from Science on a Postcard spotlighted me in her ‘ones to watch’ guide on instagram

Blue Fire Films Training Program – Creating film and videos for science communication

I’ve joined the Jones lab at the University of Glasgow as a post-doctoral researcher – March 2021 to September 2021. I‘m finishing up a project investigating how plants integrate sensing of temperature and time.

I was successfully awarded a Diversity in Molecular Biology grant from the Society for Experimental Biology. This was match funded by the Centre for Research Innovation at the University of Glasgow.

I’ve joined the University of Bristol and New Phytologist as a Research Associate! I’ll be managing the 100 ‘Plant Science Questions Revisited’ project, liaising with plant scientists, farmers, and the general public globally. Stay tuned for updates!

I’m writing a book! We’re still very much in the early planning stages – but keep your eyes and ears open for updates.


Commissioned by The University of Glasgow to create an animation outlining how to create inclusive, diverse, and accessible academic events. 2.30 minute video made by combining Videoscribe and own illustrations, completed with subtitling and University of Glasgow brand adherence.

Invited lecturer at “Our World/The World To Come” exhibition by Kien Denier and Siri Black, 16 Nicholson Street Art Gallery, Glasgow. 30 minute lecture discussing epigenetics, plant stress, traumatic memory inheritance for a general audience in an art gallery setting.

Invited speaker at The Wellcome Collection in London’s event: DNA, Diversity, and Difference. A session designed to “challenge the way students view themselves and others as individuals by reflecting on identity from multiple different perspectives. Produced a 10 minute TEDx-style talk discussing my lived experiences as a disabled geneticist.

Invited Speaker at Glasgow University Magazine (GUM) organised lecture and panel discussion considering ‘Dismantling the Binary between Art and Science’ Created an immersive discussion and lecture considering how art and science are intertwined in academia and beyond.

Podcast guest at the Centre for the Cellular Microenvironment’s Podcast: CeMi Serious Science. Discussing disability, genetics, Twitter-addiction, getting started in Science Communication and everything in between.

Disability in research. Short write up about my disability advocacy work in academia.

Awarded a ‘Diversity Scholarship’ by the Association of British Science Writers to attend the annual UK Conference of Science Journalists.


Winner of Plant Cell and Environment’s 40th Anniversary Poster Prize: Judged by PCE editors at the 40th Anniversary conference in Glasgow

Head of Social Media and Communications at theGIST: Curating news feeds and grids, increasing reach by 30%, engagement by 23%, followers by 5% in first three months.

Events photographer for theGIST: Covering spring magazine launch and events as part of Pint of Science.

First prize winner of the Biochemical Society’s 2019 ‘Visual Outreach Competition‘ – judged externally by science communication professionals.

Press member at European Congress of Obesity: Invited as a member of theGIST to attend press releases and produce breaking news articles with 12 hour turnaround. “Massive new study confirms higher BMI linked with serious increase in multiple diseases in UK”

The Hinching Effect: What does an ultra-clean home mean for your immune system? Published at theGIST investigating how our environment shapes our immune system, and how clean homes impact this.

Zebras not horses: uncovering the unsequenceable genetic disease: Published at theGIST discussing disease epidemiology of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and controversy surrounding diagnosis. Article is being used as a teaching tool for Psychology Honour’s students in the module “Development, Difference, and Diversity” at the University of Glasgow

Abolition of Anonymity: The Ethics of Public Gene Sequencing: Published in theGIST’s Autumn 2019 print issue discussing ethical implications of genetic data ownership and use in legal cases.

Fantastic Proteins and Where to Find Them: Glasgow Science Festival event with research institute, MCSB.


Winner of ‘MVLS Impact in 60 Seconds’ competition: ‘Getting to the Root of the Matter’ – Winner of a College-wide video initiative to communicate research with the public in under 60 seconds. Judged internally and externally

Disability and PhD: a user guide for PIs and Students: An informative video about the reality of living with a disability whilst studying for a PhD. It’s being used as a teaching tool in multiple universities.

Plant based biomaterials: Approached by the Biochemist to write about biomaterials for their themed issue.

EZ-Root-Vis: Co-authored on a paper describing computational reconstruction of plant root systems.


TheGIST: Where’s all the lettuce? Feature article investigating climate stability, food supply, and Brexit.

TheGIST: Research, Impact & The UK Parliament podcast

PGRBlog: Disability in Academia: How can the University of Glasgow support you?

International Fascination of Plants Day: What do Plants Eat? A hands-on interactive game for all ages 

International Fascination of Plants Day: What do Plants Eat? Educational Poster

International Fascination of Plants Day: Institute of Molecular, Cell, & Systems Biology Coverage

PGRBlog: Research Conference Coverage: Communication and metrics for PhD Students

ElleUK Women’s Magazine: Personal experiences with Body Focused Repetitive Disorders 

PGRBlog: Voice of Young Science- Science & The Media workshop: Navigating science:media intersections as an early career researcher


Glasgow Science Festival “What is Colour?” editing, presenting, directing & location shooting

Glasgow Science Festival “Beyond Epilepsy” videography

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