Here’s a date-ordered list of my writing, outreach work, videography, and science communication.

Links updated as content becomes available on host websites.


Head of Social Media and Communications at theGIST: Curating news feeds and grids, increasing reach by 30%, engagement by 23%, followers by 5% in first three months.

Events photographer for theGIST: Covering spring magazine launch and events as part of Pint of Science.

First prize winner of the Biochemical Society’s 2019 ‘Visual Outreach Competition‘ – judged externally by science communication professionals (link when officially announced!)

Press member at European Congress of Obesity: Invited as a member of theGIST to attend press releases and produce breaking news articles with 12 hour turnaround. “Massive new study confirms higher BMI linked with serious increase in multiple diseases in UK”

The Hinching Effect: What does an ultra-clean home mean for your immune system? Published at theGIST investigating how our environment shapes our immune system, and how clean homes impact this.

Zebras not horses: uncovering the unsequenceable genetic disease: Published at theGIST discussing disease epidemiology of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and controversy surrounding diagnosis. Article is being used as a teaching tool for Psychology Honour’s students in the module “Development, Difference, and Diversity” at the University of Glasgow

Abolition of Anonymity: The Ethics of Public Gene Sequencing: Article in line for publishing in theGIST’s Autumn 2019 print issue discussing ethical implications of genetic data ownership and use in legal cases.

Fantastic Proteins and Where to Find Them: Glasgow Science Festival event with research institute, MCSB.




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